Each MTO Driver Loafer is made from the finest materials, hand-selected, checked, treated, prepared and hand-cut by Salvatore Ferragamo artisans in preparation for the assembly of the elegant moccasin. This process ensures only the best materials are used, and that the finish ed shoe is of the finest quality.


Each MTO Driver Loafer is made using traditional shoe-making techniques perfected by Italian craftsmen over many years. The process of assembling a shoe from its component parts and hand-stitching it together requires patience, skill and a passionate commitment to quality. The fruit of this labour is truly unique.


Each MTO Driver Loafer is finished with extreme care. As with all the processes involved in the creation of this shoe, it is the handcrafting of an artisan that makes the difference, bringing real character and depth to the loafer. This is more than simply a question of shaping, polishing and packing; it is an expression of loving attention to detail.

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