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A regola d'arte

The exhibition falls in 2010, a year that marks an important anniversary for the Ferragamo company, fifty years from the death of its founder and the moment when his wife, Wanda, and their six children took over the reins of the business.
In its inimitable style, the Ferragamo family wanted to celebrate this period in an original way. Not by retracing the significant stages of an extraordinary company history with this exhibition, but by underscoring how much the management, production and distribution aspects of the company’s growth and evolution have been due to the people who have worked at and for Ferragamo, and above all to the cultural and artisanal richness of the territory, particularly Florence, where the company has always operated, starting from the reasons for Salvatore’s decision to transfer know-how from local craftsmen to the core of Ferragamo’s production.
To thank Florence and its craftsmen, Salvatore Ferragamo has therefore decided to create a special prize for new Florentine artisanal enterprises that continue to believe in the potential of local craftsmanship combined with innovation and creativity.