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Will Self

Transmitting the experience of Equilibrium
Staying in balance or seeking physical and inner balance is one of the truest and oldest experiences that we are still allowed to have in the contemporary world, owing to the fact that it is linked to man’s primordial condition, i.e. that of gettingup on his feet and walking.


Transmitting the experience of Equilibrium

The writings of Salvatore Ferragamo, his studies and creations, his shoes, have inspired us to conduct an in-depth study of this subject. The words of Wanda Miletti Ferragamo, Salvatore’s wife and Jerry Ferragamo, son of one Salvatore’s brothers,find a contemporary dimension in those of James Ferragamo,the famous artisan’s grandson, who explains how the knowledge he inherited from his grandfather is an heritage to be cultivated and maintained. The testimonies of several well-known personalities, from the alpinist Reinhold Messner, to the wire-walker Philippe Petit, from the writer Will Self, to the architect, engineer and artist Cecil Balmond, and to the ballet dancer Eleonora Abbagnato, help us to understand how equilibrium is at the very heart of their experiences and of our own as well.

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